Meet Leslie, a 42-year-old mother of three children aged 2, 5, and 7. Leslie's oncologist has just informed her that she has Stage III Ovarian Cancer.

Leslie has a 25% chance of living to see her youngest's 7th birthday. Women like Leslie represent the challenge and opportunity for the transformation of ovarian cancer therapies. Many of these women develop multi-drug resistant (MDR) tumors. This is when cancer cells develop attributes that resist multiple drugs due to a number of mutations in the cell that limit the effectiveness of current treatment regimens. Finding solutions to this challenge represents a chance to extend the life of women like Leslie.

Nemucore Medical Innovations Inc is a clinical development company dedicated to the development and commercializations of life-saving nanomedicines for the treatment of MDR cancers. Nemucore has a suite of three core technologies, designated NMI-Rx, that allow for formulation of nanomedicines which have improved drug delivery attributes to address MDR cancer. These attributes enable products to achieve superior resident times, targeted delivery, and controlled release properties.

Nemucore is actively partnering with biopharmaceutical firms who are developing drugs that can benefit from NMI-Rx's superior delivery attributes to bring new products to market and provide patients with life-threatening cancers, like Leslie, a new hope.
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