Let’s Cure AML Together and Open a New Future for Cancer Care


Whenever I talk about Nemucore Medical Innovations, I’m often met with the same response: “My wife/father/brother had cancer.” It’s pervasive and heartbreaking. Many of these wives, fathers, and brothers have gone on to lead full lives; many others have not. Each cancer is unique, and the treatment that works for one person may not work for another. When I founded Nemucore Medical Innovations, I was driven by one principle: match the right treatment with the right patient.

The first cancer treatments on the market were designed to indiscriminately kill everything. This meant that, though cancer cells would be eliminated, so would healthy cells. What use is a treatment if it kills you in the process?

Luckily, medicine has evolved since then. Cancer patients have more hope of finding a treatment that fits their specific cancer, especially if their cancer contains a specific mutation that makes it easy to target. Unfortunately, not all cancers contain mutations that can be targeted. This is especially true of certain blood cancers, where a majority of patients lack “actionable” mutations. Nemucore Medical Innovations has set out to create patient-specific treatment that work in patients with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) and high-risk Myelodysplastic Syndromes (hrMDS) where the lack of “actionable” mutations is particularly high.

Our method consists of a two-pronged approach. First, we test the RNA of a patient’s cancer. While most cancer diagnostics focus on the DNA of a cell, our approach uses RNA because it is the richest source of information in a cancer cell. We use the information found within RNA to determine if a patient’s cancer will be sensitive to our drug, NMI-900. If a patient’s cancer is not sensitive to NMI-900, we know that this patient is not a good match for our drug. By running a diagnostic test first, physicians can treat only those patients who will benefit from our drug, and not subject patients to treatment plans that will not work for them. Then, NMI-900 will be administer to only those patients who will benefit. NMI-900 does not rely on a mutation to work, but instead works by halting the rapid division of cancer cells.

Our drug and diagnostic combination has been well received by world-leading clinicians at major hospitals, who have enthusiastically agreed to conduct our groundbreaking clinical study. They believe, as I do, that each cancer deserves a unique treatment to create the best possible outcome for the patient. My belief in this has only deepened as I, too, have my own story of how cancer has touched my life. In 2016, my sister was diagnosed with a cancer that did not have a “druggable” mutation that could be matched to a treatment. She is one of the lucky ones; her cancer responded to trtreatments that currently exist.

The opportunity to invest in Nemucore Medical Innovations is an opportunity to help individuals who are not so lucky. We invite anyone whose lives have been touched by cancer – be it a family member, a friend, or even if you are a survivor – to own a piece of what we hope is a solution for patients without a treatment that matches their cancer.

Thank you in advance,

Tim Coleman, Founder and CEO